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Suarez Wanted To Try Some Italian

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Luis Suarez was up to no good yet again against Italy. 

For the third time in the Uruguayan stars controversy laden career, he was accused of biting an opponent. His latest victim is Giorgio Chiellini, of Italy. The Italian center back was seen pulling his shirt off of his shoulder, revealing a bite mark left by the Uruguayan superstar. 

This is third time that Suarez was caught biting an opponent; this incident follows his issue in 2011 while playing for Ajax, and his issue in 2013, when he bit Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea.

For his bite on Ivanovic, the F.A., or Football Association, the governing body of English soccer, and the Premier League, handed him a 10 game suspension. 

Seeing that this is his third issue, Suarez should be expecting a larger ban, and he should also be expecting an even bigger ban because this incident happened during the World Cup, while playing internationally, in front of the entire world. 

The main question on everyone's mind regarding Suarez, why do it?

Suarez has been in the form of his life, for both Uruguay, and Liverpool. He led the Premier League in goals with 31, ten more then Daniel Sturridge who was in second place, and he missed the first part of the season while finishing his suspension from his bite incident last season. 

He won the PFA, players player of the year, the highest honor a player can earn in England, despite his issues, on and off the field. He was being tipped to even win the Fifa Ballon D'or this season. 

If he could take Uruguay far in the World Cup, the trophy could have been his. He looked like he just may do that; he scored 2 goals against England, and broke the hearts of the ruthless fans he plays in front of all season. 

His team is now matched up against Colombia, a winnable game for Uruguay, however they will most likely have to face their South American rivals without their star player. 

Suarez could have done more damage with his newest incident then he ever has before. He cost himself a chance to shine at the World Cup even further, most likely being banned for the rest of the tournament.  

World Cup glory could have been in sights for him, and now it is so far. He also may have cost himself his Player of the Year honors, and his dream transfer as well. His father in law had stated that a move to Barcelona was in the cards for Suarez, and a huge pay rise to boot. Now Suarez could forget all of that. 

He will surely not win any individual honors, and his team will struggle without him, like they did against Costa Rica. He also may face a lengthy time on the sidelines, perhaps up to a year has been reported, and was it worth it? 

Did he need to do that to Chiellini, in a 0-0 game? Why does a player with everything going right for him, and all of the talent in the world need to resort to dirty tactics?