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CONFIRMED: Bacary Sagna Signs a 3-year Deal With Manchester City

Manchester City's first signing of the unofficial transfer period is former Arsenal right-full back Bacary Sagna. Sagna has agreed to a 3-year contract with the club yesterday. 

What a weird signing for the newly crowned Barclay's Premier League champions considering their Argentenian right-full back, Pablo Zabaleta, is coming off a wonderful season. 

When comparing the two full backs there are a few things that are interesting to bring up. For example their style of defense is quite different. Bacary Sagna isn't a defender fond of diving into tackles. He likes to beat players with his speed and strip the ball away from them standing up. Pablo Zabaleta, on the other hand, is vigilant, and dives at almost every opportunity that arrives for the Argentine. This explains why Zabaleta has more than double the amount of yellow card Bacary Sagna has in all competitions. 

Perhaps Manchester City manager Manuel Pelligrini is interested in moving Pablo Zabaleta to the left side and have Sagna nail down the right flank. That would be a smart move by the Chilean born manager for Sagna's ability to pass the ball well can benefit Silva or Nasri, whoever plays on the right side in the midfield that day. 

Manuel Pelligrini might've made this transfer, also, to match up better against the top teams in Europe, especially in the Barclays Premier League. Their left side was very weak defensively, and by moving Zabaleta to that left-full back position that will strike fear into most wing forwards trying to set up for a cross. They will know not to get too close or Zabaleta will be coming for their ankles. 

Putting Sagna on the right side would be a smart decision against teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid... anyone with a dominant left midfielder/winger who can make intimidating runs down the side. Eden Hazard for Chelsea is scary good on the ball and extremely fast. Having Sagna defend him, rather than Zabaleta, is more efficient for Sagna's pace can better keep up with Hazard's and Sagna's negligence to dive into a tackle will refrain from any Hazard jukes getting away from the defender. 

Many questions lie in the wake of this signing. Will Sagna even start for Manchester City? Will he push Zabaleta to the left side despite Kolarov's decent season? Please leave your comments below and share your thoughts!

By: Alec Kleyer