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Post-Match Analysis of Brazil vs. Croatia

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Result: Brazil 3 - 1 Croatia

What this result means: The score was expected but the way it went down nobody could've guessed. Brazil's defense looked bismal throughout the match, allowing Olic and Perisic to tear up the wings and send in crosses that could've been avoided. Poor Marcelo. He was just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time but he could've made better of it. Actually, the entire Brazilian defense could've done A LOT better with that play. Dani Alves was terrible and it cost them the first goal. 

Brazil will greatly benefit from this win. After conceding the first goal and looking absolutely lost out there, they got back on their feet and had Neymar lead the way. It was an interesting game to watch and Brazil will look to continue their predicted sweep of the group on Tuesday, June 17th, when they take on Mexico and their banged up team.

Croatia are not out - not even close. If they can bag a couple of wins from Mexico and Cameroon then they are set for second place. Croatia looks good and are definitely favorites heading into their match against Cameroon on Wednesday, June 18th.

Man of the Match: In my opinion Neymar, as predicted, deserves the man of the match appraisal. His dribbles were top notch and he easily got past his opponents. He caught Croatia on their heels numerous times and it led to his, and Brazil's, first goal of the tournament. My other option would be Oscar from Chelsea. He was absolutely phenomenal in this match. His crosses were scary accurate and his shot in the first half was placed wonderfully 30 yards out but Pletikosa read it well. His goal at the end of the 90 minutes was a simple toe poke that added to his performance but the Croatian keeper should've done more with it.

Talking Points:

What is wrong with Dani Alves? He's got to wake up and get things going. He was out of sync with his teammates and he needs to get better on the ball. On defense, he performed very poorly. He wasn't committing tackles when necessary and a big reason the play occurred leading up to Marcelo's own goal that gave Croatia the early lead.

Croatia proved to us they can play with the best. 

For about the first hour Croatia were adamant with their play. They were dangerous with Olic sending in his crosses and their defense held up the Brazil attack. They were simply good. In the last half hour their lack of fitness started to show and they were on and off the ball. Oscar's goal shouldn't have happened. It's as simple as that.

Modric makes Croatia that much better.

Modric played how well he plays for Real Madrid. He's so smart on the ball and made a few Brazilians break their ankles - hypothetically of course. Him and Rakitic in the middle of the pitch is a dangerous combination and really beautiful to watch. Look for the two Croatians to tear up Mexico and Cameroon's average at best defenses.