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Round of 16 Predictions; Let's Get Rid of The Non-Contenders

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There are some intriguing matchups and then there are those that you don't really want to watch because the result is too obvious. Then again it's the World Cup and you really never know. 

Brazil vs. Netherlands

A very intriguing matchup featuring arguably the best team in the tournament in Brazil, and a Dutch team that never backs down. Robben and RVP will give Brazil something to worry about on the backline but I believe that they will hold up. Brazil's pace will outmatch the Netherlands and will be the reason they come out on top.

Prediction: Brazil 2 - 1 Netherlands

Spain vs. Croatia

Spain are the immediate favorites in this matchup. Croatia don't have the depth to match up with Spain but the midfield matchup should be an interesting one. Be ready for lots of short passes. This game might actually be VERY boring. Spain are the favorite and will win this matchup in a tedious fashion.

Prediction: Spain 1 - 0 Croatia

Ivory Coast vs. England

Having survived the group of death, England are full of hope and solid in form players. England emerge as favorites to win this one because they simply are a lot better. Their defense featuring Gary Cahill and whomever plays the second center back role will shut down any threat from Ivory Coast. Drogba will be a non-factor in this one.

Prediction: Ivory Coast 1 - 2 England

Uruguay vs. Colombia

Colombia are terribly mourning the loss of Falcao and it will surely affect them in this matchup against a high scoring team like Uruguay. Uruguay's defense, however, is not so solid and Colombia can still find a way to take advantage of that. This game will go into extra time with Uruguay eventually taking it.

Prediction: Uruguay 2 - 1 Colombia

France vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Yikes, this is scary for Bosnia. Definitely not looking too good for them in this matchup. The only reason Bosnia was able to make it out of the group stages alive is due to their very poor group. France, on the other hand, earned their first place spot by dominating their opponents. Look for France to continue their domination over their opponents with a big win against Bosnia.

Prediction: France 3 - 0 Bosnia

Argentina vs. Switzerland

Argentina enter this one as big favourites to win the cup in all. Going through Switzerland won't be anything challenging. Their entire team is overall much better than that of Switzerland and look for the Argentina national team to win this with ease. Switzerland will still make this an interesting matchup but they won't be able to get anything going.

Prediction: Argentina 2 - 0 Switzerland

Germany vs. Russia

A great team in Germany against an average at best team in Russia spells disaster for the Russians. Germany will win this one with ease taking a decent goal difference along with them. Russia won't be a factor in this game at all for they simply won't be able to keep up with the Germans. Despite the loss of Reus, Germany will still dominate this tournament and make a deep run. Russia won't be much of a challenge to start that run.

Prediction: Germany 3 - 0 Russia

Belgium vs. USA

Belgium's offense is not the best but it is quite scary. The United States of America face a really tough task here as their new defense tries to get their chemistry together. Hopefully for the Americans they can get it together in the group stages and come into this match with high hopes and determination but Belgium are still the favorite and their world class defense won't give the USA too many opportunities. Timmy Howard will have a career day but it won't be enough as Belgium will win it.

Prediction: Belgium 2 - 1 USA