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Belgium Won't Have Any Kompany; A Preview or World Cup's Group H

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Belgium lucked out by having one of the easiest groups in the tournament. They face no competition from Algeria, South Korea, or even Russia. The battle for second seems all but done and given to the Russians but there might be some surprises. Don't get me wrong Russia is a better team than Algeria and South Korea but Russian itself is just an average team. They can fall apart any moment and either the Koreans or Algeria can get hot. It's the World Cup for crying out loud, don't we want to see some upsets?

Key Points:

Belgium - Belgium is a good team with potential to be absolutely world class. With youngsters in Romelu Lukaku, Christian Benteke (missing the tournament due to injury), Eden Hazard, Adnan Januzaj, Kevin De Bruyne, Thibaut Courtois, if this team doesn't make a run in this tournament they will be some force to reckon with come the European Championships and next World Cup. Belgium boasts one of the strongest defenses in the tournament with Vincent Kompany leading the back line. Thomas Vermaelen and Jan Vertonghen, both playing in the Premier League for top clubs along with Kompany, will need to play extremely solid against better teams in the knockout stages if they want to make a deep run. I personally have Belgium going to the finals against France and that surely would be a very interesting matchup. 

Algeria - Algeria is possibly one of the worst teams in this years World Cup. They don't have any serious attacking threats and don't have a solid defense. I don't see either Islam Slimani or El Arbi Hillel Soudani scoring enough goals to beat Russia or even South Korea for that matter. One thing they have going for them is their current form; winning four straight games but against not so good teams. I don't see Algeria making it to the knockout stages. If they do somehow sneak past an aging Russian team that would be a huge upset.

Russia - Oh the crazy Russians... how much they have lucked out with such a poor group. Russia are borderline a knockout stage team with their absolutely average offense and less adamant defense. They are average at best. They will make it to the next round simply because Algeria and South Korea are that much worse. Goals from Kerzhakov will be important against their matchups with South Korea and Algeria for they cannot afford to tie either team. One slip up and they can fall through the cracks, conceding their 2nd spot in an embarrassing fashion. 

South Korea - The Korean Republic are in the same boat as Algeria but slightly better I would say. They don't have a great offense or defense but they may be able to sneak away with the 2nd spot if they beat Algeria with a decent goal difference and hope Russia ties with both them and Algeria. Sadly for the Russians its a tight race because they are an unreliable team and South Korea might be able to pounce on this opportunity

Matches & Predictions:

Matchup  Date  Time (-5:00) EST  Prediction 
Belgium vs. Algeria  Tue, 17 June  12:00 pm 2-0
Russia vs. South Korea Tue, 17 June 6:00 pm 1-0
Belgium vs. Russia Sun, 22 June 12:00 pm 2-0
South Korea vs. Algeria Sun, 22 June 3:00 pm 2-1
Algeria vs. Russia Thu, 26 June 4:00 pm 0-1
South Korea vs. Belgium Thu, 26 June 4:00 pm 0-2

Final Table Prediction:

Team  GP  GF GA  GD  PTS 
Belgium 6 0 6 9
Russia 2 2 0 6
South Korea 2 4  -2 3
Algeria  1 5 -4 0
By: Alec Kleyer